The Neuw ring which hangs from the front right belt loop of every pair of Neuw jeans is in memory of the beautiful fob watch given to our Denim Director Par by his grandfather. Par would keep this watch in the front pocket of his favourite jeans secured by the chain to the belt loop. One drunken evening in Stockholm the watch met its demise and all that remained was the fastening ring, which Par kept as a momento, liking the look and ultimately fastening one to every pair of Neuw jeans.

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Neuw is a modern brand inspired by vintage denim and the culture around denim. For us, a traditional deck stitch didn't feel right. When we looked through our Par's collection of jeans he has worn until they've almost disintegrated, many had personal repair stitches where his wallet had broken through the back right pocket. Inspired by this, the Neuw Repair Stitch became our signature, 'scribbled' on every pair of Neuw jeans.

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The back hem dart is a symbol of the roots of Neuw and how everything started for us; the Vintage Revision design philosophy is adapting traditional silhouettes for a contemporary look. In short...premium denim reinvented.

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Bowery is our mid rise skinny jean in a premium European stretch fabric. Dalston Black is stone washed black, with quality stretch and retention.

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Ginza is our high rise cropped boot. Nancy comes in a premium European fabric with 1% stretch for added comfortability and authentic look.

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Lexi is our slim straight jean in a premium European 100% cotton. Shibuya is Stone washed to a beautiful light blue authentic tone.

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Lola is our mom jean with a fitted top block, loose and tapered leg.

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Smith Skinny is our high rise skinny jean. Cora features a premium European 4-way stretch fabric with high stretch and retention and beautiful hand feel.

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2009 / Neuw Beginnings

Richard Bell, Steve Little and Par Lundqvist quit their day jobs and launch NEUW; a 21st Century Denim brand for modern rebels.

2010 / Greed

The success of year one was built upon in 2010, with a bold new range and supporting campaign (think shotguns, cobras and mouthfuls of cash...).

2011 / Black Colour

Neuw spreads its global wings, taking 21st Century Denim to the USA, Sweden and Canada. We also created a splash at home, launching the Black Colour range and opening the doors of the infamous Stockholm Syndrome retail store in Melbourne.

2012 / Sharp

Some fresh, lean cuts of denim arrived with the Sharp campaign, and we rattled a few cages with our butcher-themed launch party (who could've guessed?).

2013 / Gold Mine

In 2013 we paid tribute to classic denim workwear with the Goldmine campaign, and also introduced the water-saving technology of Air Wash to our production. Our head office moved to its current location in Fitzroy, Melbourne and we opened new stores in across Australia and NZ.

2014 / Black Rope

Decadent dark denim was the flavour of 2014, with the Black Rope range introducing our much-loved Pure Black and Pure Blue styles. We also launched the notorious Berlin leather jacket, continued our expansion in the USA and switched on the online store.

2015 / White Noise

The White Noise collection of 2015 combined modern and traditional denim production, and was launched with an appropriate ruckus. We enlisted the services of a bearded cave-dweller for our campaign shoot, and opened the doors to new offices in Stockholm and Los Angeles.

2016 / Form

The Form range introduced our most innovative styles yet, with a level of performance and wearability as yet unseen in a 13oz denim jean. We took over New York for the latest instalment of our Wear With Purpose campaign, and shot our muses Arto Saari and Erin Wasson for Neuw Denim in L.A.

We collect jeans - the best fits, fabrics and finishes from the last 100 years. Then, referencing the traditions of pattern making and tailoring, we re-cut the jeans and re-develop the fabrics to be right for now.

Respect the heritage; embrance the future. Traditional attention to detail; modern brand.

Our 'Air Wash' jeans are washed and treated with ozone, which is an aging and bleaching agent present in the Earth's atmosphere, to reduce the amount of water being used throughout the washing process. 
On top of this, Air Wash significantly cuts down the amount of water that is wasted, due to the fact that ozone reverts to oxygen after a completed wash cycle and leaves no chemical residue behind. The water does not get contaminated and can be used repeatedly.

At the core of denim history there's indigo dyeing. The indigo dye has been used for thousands of years and is well known for being the most vivid and living of all colours. With wear and wash the blue indigo slowly fades and more of the white core starts to come through.

It developes character with use; becomes better with time. 


It is of critical importance to us that we and our production, manufacturing and distribution partners operate in the most ethical way possible. 

To us, ethical production means: safe manufacturing environments, no child labor, compliance with all relevant regulatory ordinances and fair trade standards, and a commitment to protect and preserve the environment.  
These are the qualities and standards that we hold ourselves to, and require in any partner that we work with in our home market of Australia and overseas. 

Please contact us if you would like more detail on the social, ethical and environmental conditions behind Neuw Denim products.